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We assess your needs. Every new partnership with us begins with a personal approach to find out what you’re looking for and how we can help you best. We take the time to listen to your concerns, your needs, your wants and everything else that informs your real estate decisions

We find the best options.. Our databases are rich with up-to-date listings and real estate information, which enables us to find the best and most ideal potential properties for renters and buyers, and enables us to reach the best potential investors for our selling partners. We sort through the options so you don’t have to, and present the ones we have identified as the best matches.

Get ready to tour! We will be with you at every property to lead you through your tours of potential real estate options. We help you to navigate the process and keep your wants and needs firmly in mind. It’s too easy to get exhausted and start making compromises after viewing several properties, but we are here to help you stay loyal to your priorities to guarantee the perfect match

Step-by-step guidance through the purchasing process.Once you have found your dream property, we stick with you through every detail of the purchasing

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We make it easy for buyers, renters and sellers to navigate the complex and rich Manhattan real estate market. We pride ourselves on our high quality of

services, our vast knowledge of the market, and our personalized level of customer care.

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For Buyers !

The real estate market in Manhattan can be tricky to navigate for buyers. With so many different types of properties and so many financial considerations, it can be tough to identify the best options for you.

Types of properties in Manhattan: Manhattan has many different kinds of properties and it can be difficult to identify which type suits you best. We lead you through identifying the type of property that fits your list of needs in your next home.

Moving costs and budget: Perhaps the most overwhelming and intimidating prospect for many real estate buyers is the task of identifying all costs related to purchasing and moving into your new home, and coming up with a budget to make it so. We help you to identify every financial obligation that buying Manhattan real estate

One step at a time guidance: When you partner with us, we are at your side from the very beginning. From planning to identifying prospects to home tours to the purchasing process, we become your personal resource through every phase of this exciting endeavor.entails -- so you can avoid the unpleasant surprise of unexpected expenses.

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Selling properties in the Manhattan real estate market can be tricky, overwhelming and frustrating.

For Sellers !

You may have an outstanding property, but haven’t been able to garner any real interest in months. Or maybe you have a budget-friendly property that seems like it should have been a fairly quick and easy sale, but it’s been untouched since you put it on the market.

Property Preparations: We will help you get your property show-ready according to the industry standards we know Manhattan property viewers expect.

Market Listings: We help you to reach the best potential buyers with your property listing to get your listing turned over.entails -- so you can avoid the unpleasant surprise of unexpected expenses.

Sale Process: We stick with you through the process of completing your sale.

At Manhattan Real Estate For Sale, we believe every property is one that can sell, and we do everything we can to work closely with you and achieve your property selling goals. Contact us today to speak with one of our Manhattan real estate professionals. Let’s get your property sold.


The area’s go-to real estate firm choice for Manhattan renters

For Renters !

Renting in Manhattan is a challenging and fast-moving prospect, even more so than in other metropolitan areas. Rental real estate moves fast in Manhattan, so prospective renters must be prepared to take action at a moment’s notice – or face the potential risk of missing out on good properties.

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The best way to go about finding your ideal rental space in Manhattan is to compile all of the information, documentation and financial resources that you will need to move before you even begin your search for your next rental. When you find the space that you love, you must be prepared to claim it immediately – if you don’t, the next potential renter probably will.

Our qualified team of real estate professionals knows the Manhattan rental real estate market inside and out. We provide invaluable resources and endless support to help you understand your options and find the best property for you. We help you to understand every aspect of what you will need to secure a rental space in Manhattan, and provide you guidelines to compile your resources and documentation.

We work closely with you, your situation and your budget to find the rental space that is perfect for you and your purposes. When renters partner with us, the collaboration begins at the ground floor. From planning to searching to completing your rental paperwork, we are at your side to help you navigate the Manhattan rental real estate market and make the best decision for you


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